The Walker FUELSEP® was first introduced in late 1997. Since that time, over 17,000 units have been shipped for applications,  [Walker Fuelsep] ranging from marine vessels,
trucks, land-based gensets, and even auxiliary engines. The FUELSEP® is a "no maintenance" fuel treatment device that improves the combustion of diesel fuel to burn more completely. Improved combustion means less soot, less noise, lower
exhaust temperature, and better fuel economy. No magnets are used, and the system mounts inline to the engine fuel supply line.

Benefits of FUELSEP System:

Reduces Exhaust soot - Improves combustion and helps to reduce
Reduces Fuel Consumption – Unit documented to deliver a 5% fuel savings.
Reduces Exhaust Temperatures – Better combustion means a cleaner burn.
No Maintenance Required – Unit is rated for 5,000 hours or 5 years service
Easy to Install
Available for large engines, small engines, and gensets.

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