Solutions for recreational navigation – your advantages at a glance

  • Timeless, sophisticated design
  • User-friendly, self-explanatory
  • Modular extension possible
  • Global service network
  • Supplementary practical training courses


Solutions for recreational navigation

The Marex OS and ECS controls are our "Open System" CAN-bus controls that feature full programmability of all time delays, speed curves, serial communication among all components (for easier future expansion without need for total system re-wiring), and full fault diagnostics, etc.

Experiencing personal freedom on the water: this is the goal of our products for recreational navigation. Our high-quality, reliable components are characterized by their simple, timeless design, intuitive operation, and flexible use.

Simplicity – all thanks to excellent technology

Adjustment via Wi-Fi – as with the Marex ECS, connection of up to six remote controls via CAN bus – as with the Marex OS III, and OSII and convenient control via 3D joysticks with the Marex OS 3D: AVENTICS offers state-of-the-art technology, tailored perfectly to the wide array of requirements.