The updated Walker ALGAESEP® is the newest product added to the Walker line of innovative technology for diesel engines and diesel powered  [Walker AlgaeSep] applications. The ALGAESEP 3® is a Dynamic Fuel/Water separator that is self contained and designed to be bulkhead mounted. Available in 12- and 24-volt packages, the system removes water, algae, and contaminants from diesel fuel without the engine running. It is also available in a 110-volt package for land based fuel storage or processing plants. The system does not rely on traditional media filters to remove water but rather a patented advanced technology process, and with regular use fuel maintenance cycles, the system helps guard against unexpected engine shutdown.

Benefits of ALGAESEP System:

Eliminates water from your fuel tank.
Reduces chance for algae to grow – No water present, no algae
Easy to operate, with integrated solid state timer.
Built-in hour meter to monitor operation.
Fully enclosed and improved unit styling.
Available in 12 and 24 volt.